I always try to remain positive, as best I can.

Weelamb12:17 PMyeah, i am trying to ignore the feeling my travis. i think it’s just the uncertainty of where we are going, how are we gonna get there? i have been in spurts where my face breaks, then i look around and try to pick up the pieces that seem to be as tangible as holding pudding in my hands. i know babe. i am just trying my best.

mballestero12:23 PMI know, me too. I love you dearly and the thought of not being next to you everyday of the rest of my life makes my heart feel lonely and lost. My soul has flourished at the direction we have worked so hard to go. I know though I will never be ok if I don’t make sure Lili is ok. This is not an easy sacrifice to make. For either of us. And the lingering uncertainty that comes with the flakey behavior of a teenage girl makes it impossible for me to feel certain in my heading. You are the love of my life Mary.12:25 PMI wish there were nothing standing between us and the life we are working so hard to build.

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