What I appreciate about you Travis is

How you care for me

The unlimited bucket of patience for me

Willingness to speak words to me, even when I am irrational

You help me with big & small problems

You are the smartest man I know

The knowledge you continue to grow and the pleasure you take from it

And then the knowledge you give, you always share in hope of others gaining the knowledge

Making it a point to kiss me when you are leaving and when you first lay eyes on me

Bunnie face Anais Bunzington

How willing you are to eat anything I make

Traveling is something you look forward to

Appreciation for cars

Drive to be a good person

You open my door every time

The help that you offer

I love you dearly

6 thoughts on “recalling”

  1. and and and
    I love that you will ‘rubber duckie’ with me, and you are so smart, you help me thing of things that would never be possible otherwise

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